time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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friends only.
dinosaur roar

this livejournal is going friends-only.

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hey kristen, its corey. i used to be curious_paradox and i knew you on scribble. (i am totally heartbroken that its gone to lame and didnt come back) i added you...if you want you can add me too. happy holidays!


am i friend material?

so if I think I'm a friend, how can i be friend enough to read your journal. i'll understand if you dont want to be my friend

Re: am i friend material?

aw, amy i love you. of course you are friend material. word on the street has it that livejournal accounts are free now (or at least according to kathy they are)?

Re: am i friend material?

very interesting. i must look into this thing you call livejournal. i did have a blurty... but never wrote in it, then forgot my username. :) we'll see what i can do

look who's here. dont judge my site yet.. i need to make it pretty. but thats a project for tomorrow. when i am not falling asleep

hi kristen! i dont know if you remember me but this is kimberly from blurty (user name was klchow). anyway im sad to hear that this journal is becoming friends only cuz i loved reading your other online journals. i would love to be a "friend" of you new journal if you think that i am friend worthy. my live journal username is tangerinekarma.

kristen, my hostee! you too, eh? scribblers galore, over here at livejournal. how amusing :) may i add you as a friend, kiddo?

of course you may! i've just added you as well :)

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