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what others had to say about moi:

[01] you're way too pierced and way too horny, but you're also way too entertaining for your own good. you've kept my life very interesting for quite awhile now
[02] anything by mr. meano
[03] gwen stefani, don't ask why cause i don't know. just the first thing i thought of...
[04] fun

(1)- i think of you as a sister. you are such an awesome smart girl kristen. you never treated me like some dumb 8th grader, and that is really cool
(2)- "I want you to want me"- Cheap trick, and "THe ballad"- Mr. Meano
(3)- the girl who get's shot in "Elephant"
(4)- pircedandcrazy

1) One of the coolest, hippest girls I know! I remember that I met you when we went and played pool and wound up talking about sex with about 12 people in the basement of Mike's house.
2) Savage Garden - The Animal Song
3) Phoebe from Friends
4) WildFunandApologetic

1) For some reason, I remember the last band concert where Mr. Gaston said you would've been an outstanding musician if you'd been in band long enough.
2) Sally's Tomato - Henry Mancini
3) The girl who plays Amelie
4) Lost

[1] there's probably a little too much to be said here. both good and bad. but like you said "we always have our tough spots"
[2] melanie, melanie
[3] scary spice
[4] twin!

1. you are an amazing girl! you've got great style and i'm so impressed by how well you manage EVERYTHING! plus you're really nice:)
2. Incubus, Speak Free (cuz i think you do)
3. natalie portman from closer. yea.
4. cheerful, but not in a cheerleader way.

1. My best friend.
2. The matt and kristen mix.
3. a mix of witch baby and cherokee, or mayhaps winona ryder from girl interrupted.
4. kristen, again this says it all.

1. i was really afraid to talk to you at first and glad we became friends.
2. evil girl angry girl - big d and the kids table (i don't know why...listen to it! it's amazing.)
3. some sort of exotic bird
4. wild

1) Kristen, you are right about getting to know you so late into high school. But now, you are one of my best friends and I dont know what I would do if you didnt come over and spend the night and just talk for hours.
2) "I'm Sorry" - Blink 182 (You know why...hahaha) and "Teenage Dirtbag" -Wheetus
3) Witch Baby
4) Horny

01. you're a pretty cool girl. we used to be really close and do crazy things like sled down hills on mattresses and empty out refridgerators to get into.
02. anything by hot rod circuit
03. you remind me of the main actress from new waterford girl... however, i don't know her name off the top of my head.
04. crazy! haha.

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