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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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don't give them anything that they can doubt.
dinosaur roar

so i am some killing some time in the main library until i have to walk to my impending, imminent doom. my appointment with sandi dean at the honors college, that is. i am honestly terrified.

yesterday was a good day, despite my entry from late last night/early this morning. i woke up and studied for my theatre exam, which i am positive i did amazingly well on. and it was in that moment, while walking down the steps inside the aud and reflecting on how expertly i identified the themes in oedipus rex, medea, and lysistrata ... it was in that moment i realized it's time to say "fuck human biology". i need to do what i want to do. i am sensing a major change, and SOON.

so after theatre i headed here (the library!) to my new job at the TIC (Turfgrass Information Center). mostly i was introduced to a bunch of people, given a tour of the office, shown the staff lounge, etc. then mike set me loose fixing broken links on one of the TIC's affiliate sites. everyone who met me was like, "you're working systems?? but ... they speak their own language! and you're a GIRL!" hahah, i refuse to believe i am the only web-savvy female computer nerd on this campus.

so after working my three hour shift, i headed over to shaw and ate dinner with ashley. CHICKEN DIPPERS!!!! then i was off to my group interview for the AOP resident assistant position. it went quite well ... it wasn't set up how i expected it to be, but it still was alright. i learned there are like 200 people vying for 28 positions (14 guys & 14 girls) ... so my chances aren't looking very good, especially since two of the boys at the interview COMPLETELY dominated all conversation (gggrrrr!). let's hope my written answers are worth something. anyway, i still have the interview for the AOP office position on friday. there are a LOT less people on the list for that (ONE typed page compared to FOUR), so i am still hopeful about the prospect of a summer job here. any way you look at it, I AM NOT GOING HOME. i did meet two really cool people at the interview session, though ... a girl from akers and a boy from hubbard who i talked to the entire bus ride home. i love how easy it is to meet people here!!! turns out the boy, kyle, knows everyone on my floor EXCEPT jessie and me. quite the coincidence. but he was super cool.

upon arriving back at hubbard, i discovered caitlin and amanda had cancelled our movie night because jessie was gone studying for something or other. so i dragged ashley out with the woody's wednesday night hookah club crew. it was a good time. we ate hummus and bought drinks at expresso royale. oh my. there is this boy who works at expresso royale, and he is SO cute. he has these eyes that just make you think, "BLINK AT ME!!" and gorrrrrgeous tattoos. i teased him about the tightness of his uniform shirt and he wouldn't let me live it down. then i incorrectly identified him as an anthropology major, when he is actually studying english. in fact, i flirted with him so much that he gave me a free sucker (cherry cheesecake!). that's the way to do it, i suppose.

never take 18 credits and also attempt to work 14 hours a week. this is the worst idea since deciding to take on MTH 132.

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you can listen to songs on a kPod?
is that like the updated iPod or something...

that is what my friend drew calls my iPod. :) just so you know it wasn't just me making a silly typo, hehe.

I worked AOP last summer (I worked for Part Time staff, I wasn't an RA) and the Office Staff people really have the better deal. So I highly recommend - although I think they only had 4 people for the job, they got to do real easy and fun stuff. So definately good luck - it's a lot of fun.

Who did your interview? Scary Mary Beth!?

ummm, actually there were three people (two men and one woman) conducting the group interview. i think the girl might've been mary beth, actually. she was really quiet the entire time, though.

taking on math 132 is cake, i started here with 133h.

not all of us are cut out to be mathematical geniuses such as yourself. =P

I know why he gave you that sucker... He thought you were cute and wanted to see if you had any other... skills...... JUST KIDDING!!! HA!

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Everyone studies biology. Biology doesn't need you. Step out!

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