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"all the cool people suck cock!"

today was simply mahhhhhvelous. woke up, went to french, attended biology, and then ate lunch with katelyn and josh. actually, josh's friend (or acquaintance?) evan also joined us. he fully filled us in on the wonders of shrooms and what it feels like to have a good/bad trip. it was entertaining (also hence the title of this entry).

so after becoming fully educated about hard drugs and engaging in a heated discussion regarding the existence of god, i went to my dreaded lab. AND I WAS OUT OF THERE BY 4:45, BITCHES. that is exactly one hour and fifteen minutes early.

oh it's 11:11.....what do YOU wish for???? (i wish for the same thing over and over.)

went to dinner and basically ate only an apple paczki because nothing else seemed appetizing here in the hub this evening. then joe came and picked me up and we went bowling at holiday lanes (i think that was the name of the place?) who apparently have lansing's best cheeseburger (i cannot attest to this, though). oh goodness, joe completely annhilated me at bowling. we are talking he at least doubled my score both games. but it's cool; i hadn't played in awhile so i'll just attribute it to the fact that i am rusty. then joe and i went back to his apartment in collingwood (goddamn all those apartment complexes that start with the letter "C"!) with the intent of watching a movie, but ending up playing halo on xbox live for a couple hours instead. good times. i think i am going to insist that kc give me my nintendo 64 back.

oh oh! and my mom sent me a valentine's day care package containing a card (with $20), a copy of the FTP program i accidentally deleted off my computer, and a pack of decorate-able, heart-shaped marshmallow peeps!! my mom is the greatest!! i guess my dad is, too .... his name WAS on the card.

alas, it is now time to get some work done.

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