Kristen (pixiemab) wrote,

i had a good day, but i am still kind of up and down. my bio exam was okay (i know i didn't do the greatest, but whatever, it was tough stuff). work was fun; we had a potluck and then i got to spend 3 hours listening to music on my iPod while fiddling around with excel and adobe acrobat files (and they pay me for this? this is what i do for FUN, boys and girls). my AOP resident assistant interview also went quite well. then i went to see blues for mister charlie with jessica, and the play was better than i expected.

wednesday night i got to see jeff & john robare, so that was fun. i like how no one ever comes to see me while they are up here, though. lovely. i think that is why i am kinda sad right now.

okay, no longer sad. ashley and i have connived brian and joe into hanging out with us. gotta run.

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