time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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get right up from that chalk outline.
dinosaur roar

i went home last night after work. matt and i attended lauren (rinke_18)'s get together and it was so much fun. lauren is one of the coolest girls i know. :D i wish we had hung out more in high school, considering we DO live on the same street, even. i didn't know a whole lot of people at her house, but that was okay. mostly it was a lot of boys wearing girls' jeans and black hoodies. and the drummer from the swellers is cute. haha. we all played mario kart & mario party 6, ate pizza, and i drank a lot of cherry 7up and mountain dew.

also, i would like to take this moment to thank my lucky stars that matt and i never dated, because we probably would not be friends right now. i <3 matthew!!!

now i am back up at michigan state. woot! tonight is apparently screwdriver night; yeah for chillin' with brian and joe! i am kind of sad i am missing drew & eric's house-warming party, though. oh well ... i am sure those two will be having future parties i might be able to attend.

i am pullin' a kathy ... except i am not quite as cool as she is, hehe.

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looking beautiful pumpkin.

you are so cute! i miss you

i miss you, too, allison!

ok, this is what those pictures are telling me..
1. I'm going to fucking kill you...
2. ...bitch!
3. Aren't I so cute!?!?!

haha! just thought I'd let you know!

thanks for that, karen.
upon careful contemplation, i believe those captions are quite accurate! :)

Aw I love my sissy.
Stacy and I took A LOT of pictures tonight and we'll have them posted probably by tomorrow. ^_^ <3333

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