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it's going nowhere (you're going nowhere).

YEAH for having an amazing week thus far! monday consisted of dressing up like a fairy for a midsummer night's dream group presentation in theatre, eating chicken nuggets x2, campus band, getting a lot of homework done, meeting some of ashley's cool shaw friends, etc.

on tuesday, i received a 9/10 on the most recent lab quiz (which is AMAZING considering my other scores have been 6, 5, and 7). my lab group's powerpoint presentation on the ames test went over flawlessly. oh, and did i mention we got out of lab TWO HOURS EARLY??? also, i discovered that our lab grades are continually updated via ANGEL, and i currently have a 79%! this is way better than the grade i thought i might have. much rejoicing!

tuesday night i went sledding in frandor (at frandor??) with ashley, joe, and brian. not only did we learn that i suck at battle sleds, but also that joe and brian can be quite deceiving when they tell you that going over a jump won't hurt you. ashley (venezavecmoi) has pictures from the night posted in her livejournal.

afterwards, the four of us crashed at brian's place, indulged in chinese food, and consumed a considerable amount of whiskey, bacardi razz, beer, and vodka. (did you know that you can make hot chocolate with milk??? because i sure didn't.) i then proceeded to have the worst night's sleep of my life; this was probably a combination of being extremely sore from sledding, being cramped up on a couch, and having to listen to mark and tammy having sex in the other room.

oh well, i still had a blast. joe drove me back to hubbard around 11:30am yesterday (wednesday). i strolled down my floor in my pajamas and my suitemate, caitlin, was like, "your pants are so cute!" this is ironic, considering i was wearing brian's flannel pants.

yesterday i went to theatre, work, and class for study abroad. then i headed up to grand river with the mason hall crew. i love those kids!! tony practically mauled me in the hall when i got to mason, but i was like, "DON'T TOUCH ME I'M SO SORE!!!!" i felt kinda bad but he obviously wasn't offended, because he continued to pester me about wanting to stick his finger through my ear (???? yeah, i don't get the obsession, either). we (josh, ross, frankis, marie, holly, steve, bryan, and me) went to woody's and then taco bell, where i branched outside of my soft taco comfort zone and ate a chicken quesadilla. mmmmmmmmm!!

also, after the past two nights, i would appreciate never hearing the words "blink 182" again.

this morning i totally rocked the chapter three french test. i keep running into jon (crawford) all over campus and in french today he told me that he is this close to getting a restraining order put on me.

i am so busy and i love it! my life has become a crazy combination of getting shit done and having a shitload of fun. i've realized that many of my groups of friends have individuals who overlap. tonight i have to go see suddenly last summer for theatre, but tomorrow drew & eric are having another party at their new house. jared ran into me on the bus the other day and informed me that i HAVE to go. plus, saturday is the SAF mardi gras formal! all the cool kids are going (although, evidently, matt and nathaniel are now considered "uncool")!

oh, and i think my body is finally getting used to functioning on a sleep schedule of 2-9am. this is good.

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