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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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everything i said to you was true.
dinosaur roar

i SO four-pointed my blues for mister charlie review for theatre. that's like 10% of my grade, biotches! my grades are lookin' mighty fine. ;)

i met some really cool kids last night from the north side of hubbard. chad & jones. i'm sure their names will come into play in future entries. we watched the academy awards together. then jones went downstairs to hubbard's basement to work out, but chad and i watched scary movie 2 and had a pillow fight. good times.

i am in the process of changing my major to either french or professional writing/editing. we shall see. college of arts & letters, here i come!

no chem! no bio! no calc! YEAH!

hot rod circuit is playing at the international center on thursday. this will be my ... sixth or seventh time seeing them, i do believe. i think they are officially my favorite band.

today i must get together with my lab partners to write up our inquiry project proposal, catch some dinner with ashley, go to campus band rehearsal, and meet up with josh to continue studying for biology.

also, i have decided i am staying in east lansing for at least the majority of the summer. i'm looking around for places to sublease off-campus because staying on for the summer term is mighty expensive. but i got offered a nice grant, so i want to take FRN 202 (during the july-august term) and keep working my job at TIC.


have i mentioned lately how happy i am just to live?

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You biotch! You totally stole my major. Just kidding. :)

it's because of you i know it exists. thanks, jessica. hehe. :)

It's cool. We can be cool and have the same major.

Another suggestion - some of the Residence Halls hire people to stay over the summer and watch over the halls during camps and such. I know they do it in Wilson and Akers, and I know a girl who did it last summer and she took lots of classes too. Plus hey, free housing!

hhmmm, do you have any clue where i could get more information about this? that doesn't sound like a bad idea...

yay, thanks so much, raina! :)

looks like all the cool kids from linden <3 the college of arts and letters! congrats on loving life. loving life is like a big circle, you love that you love life so you love it even more! awesome. see you tonight at campus band.
<3 rachel

ill sublease you my room in my house.
talk to me about it.

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