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"tiger woods y'all, i need a tip drill!"

so the freshman seminar abroad in mérida, mexico was simply amazing.

saturday, march 5th
i arrived with nathaniel at the international center at 10:30am. we took a charter bus to detroit metro airport. we met cameron on the busride there and talked to him pretty much the whole time. cameron's a cool guy. once at the airport, i went to einstein bros. bagels for breakfast. mmmm. i sat next to rachel, gail, and mallory on both plane rides. mallory introduced herself to me by saying, "i'm mallory. i have ADD and i left my adderal at home." consequently, this explains much of her bizarre personality. we finally arrived at hotel los aluxes around 10pm. i met my roommate for the trip, rachel, who turned out to be very cool, even if she does go to bed pretty early (just like my roommate at MSU!). mark walked us all to an ATM so we could get some pesos. then everyone promptly went out to the bar, where mallory and i split a caña of limonada electrica and i drank an entire caña of miami vice (frozen coconut rum and strawberries!) by myself. needless to say, i went to bed happy.

sunday, march 6th
on-site orientation took place at 10am. ate lunch at los balcones with nathaniel, cameron, eric, and matt (i swear, i always hang out with the boys). then we had to go on a walking tour and divide into teams for a scavenger hunt. steve was in my group (oh baby!). my team cheated by walking to a hotel down the block and having katy ask the desk receptionist there for the answers to all the questions. that night, i introduced steve to white russians (or "caucasians" as he insisted on calling them) and he must've drank like four of them in a row. a bunch of us went out to a dance club (Ky60), which ended up being a mistake. steph, katy, cameron, nathaniel, and i all got entered into a dance competition which basically entailed us giving a lapdance to this random mexican dude (he worked at the club but still, it was shady). steph was really into it, but of course, she's steph! gotta love her anyway.

so then katy & cameron and steph & nathaniel were dancing, and it was pretty obvious i was being a fifth wheel, so i went into the other room at the club and sat down on a couch to watch steve play pool with some mexican guys. after he finished the game, steve came and sat next to me on the couch and proceeded to play with my rook piercing and give me a head massage by scratching in between the parts of my little roll-twist-hair-thingies. i had no idea he was absolutely wasted at this point. this was also the night steph decided to flash me her underwear IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET. oh boy. that girl is a real character. once back at the hotel, steph peeled off her clothes and DOVE into the 5-foot deep swimming pool wearing only her bra and underwear. then steph was being loud and rowdy and the hotel staff came and yelled at us. steph then proceeded to screech, "LO SIENTO!!!!"

monday, march 7th

tuesday, march 8th
four hours of class again. yuck. ate lunch at cafeteria pops. later we went to hacienda yaxcopoil, where mallory insisted that the horses were going down on each other. oh boy. kevin and matt played soccer with a bunch of mexican children who were just hanging out. mark and pat spent soooooooooooooo long talking to the owner of the hacienda that they decided we didn't have time to eat dinner. gggrrr. so then we got back ON the bus to go to some ruins in uxmal for a light and sound show. it was so thrilling that i fell asleep during it. mallory threw her headphones in the trash and then acted like she didn't do it. bitch. she held us up from leaving a good half an hour. at this point, everyone was hungry and thirsty and ornery. i didn't get dinner in me until 11pm!

wednesday, march 9th

thursday, march 10th

friday, march 11th
this was my absolute favorite day of the trip. we had to wake up early to go to chichen itzá (which i kept insisting on pronouncing "chicken eats-uh"), valladolid, and ek balam for the day. we hiked up a couple mayan pyramids and worked up a good sweat. then we went swimming in a cenoté, which was quite possibly the highlight of the trip. although i did tear my nipple ring on the rope swing, so i decided that was enough of that. we had to ride bikes to get there, and katie and i were the only ones who could keep up with the boys. we rock. steve and kevin kept doing jumps all over the path, which was littered with huge rocks, but i was just hanging on for dear life. we had to change into our bathing suits in a big open hut ... boys AND girls. thank goodness marching band has prepared me for such things.

saturday, march 12th
went to class, drank a piña colada, ate lunch, went to the beach, drank a lot of sols with the gang, went back to the hotel, drank meloda with rachel, went to the closing dinner and had a grand time.

check out my pictures and nathaniel's pictures from the trip.

also, my 1/2" earlobes rock hardcore.

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