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i never dreamed that i would let her go

(and i will get what i deserve.)

i will now take a break from my intense study of peroxisomes to discuss just how sexy passionate people are. for instance, every boy i have ever been remotely interested in has something he totally lives for. sean digs science. mike couldn't live without marching band/drum corps. josh [coe] was big on music and art. in addition, take steve from mexico ... i was attracted to him because he seemed so quiet at first, but once you got the boy talking about sailing, you were in for a good hour or so (which steph and i quickly deemed "sailing 101"). he was also another physics/engineering nerd; while drinking white russians together one night, steve and i had a conversation about the 3-D properties of mirrors. don't ask me why, but that is just so HOT.

this theory is also evident in the people i choose to hang out with as friends. three examples off the top of my head: nathaniel's into political issues, get matt started about his favorite bands and he'll ramble on for hours, and i get the feeling brian could go on forever about biking or hardcore.

basically, i like people who can TALK.

so what do i talk about?!

ALSO! one more stupid thing that i have noticed. for years now, i have been part of friend circles involving me and two boys, sometimes at least one of which i am romantically interested in.

watch the evolution:
kristen - sean - derek [mikolacjzyk]
kristen - sean - ben
kristen - mike - matt
kristen - matt - nathaniel

and lately there's been a whole lot of [kristen - brian - joe] going on.

...this has been kristen thoroughly procrastinating studying for bio. over and out.


oh, and it looks like i am not going home this weekend afterall. well, i am, but i am leaving friday afternoon and will be back friday night. unless someone cool gives me a reason to stay.

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