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next year's ever-changing schedule

guess who's got no friday classes AT ALL next year, kids?! and i didn't do it like that on purpose ... i was told i shouldn't take WRA 355 just yet so instead i am taking WRA 210 ... and i had to rework my entire fall schedule around that. i've got some long-ass classes next fall, but eh. only two a day (well, plus marching band)! AND NO FRIDAYS.

FALL 2005
ENG 211H - Honors Foundation in Literary Studies
FRN 320 - Self-Expression in Writing
LIN 200 - Introduction to Language
WRA 210 - Introduction to Web Authoring
MUS 114 - Marching Band

WRA 360 - Visual Rhetoric
FRN 340 - Introduction to Reading French Literature
ENG 226 - Introduction to Creative Writing
CLA 140 - Greek and Roman Mythology
MUS 116 - Campus Band

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