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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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next year's ever-changing schedule

guess who's got no friday classes AT ALL next year, kids?! and i didn't do it like that on purpose ... i was told i shouldn't take WRA 355 just yet so instead i am taking WRA 210 ... and i had to rework my entire fall schedule around that. i've got some long-ass classes next fall, but eh. only two a day (well, plus marching band)! AND NO FRIDAYS.

FALL 2005
ENG 211H - Honors Foundation in Literary Studies
FRN 320 - Self-Expression in Writing
LIN 200 - Introduction to Language
WRA 210 - Introduction to Web Authoring
MUS 114 - Marching Band

WRA 360 - Visual Rhetoric
FRN 340 - Introduction to Reading French Literature
ENG 226 - Introduction to Creative Writing
CLA 140 - Greek and Roman Mythology
MUS 116 - Campus Band

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hey! i'm taking french 320 and 340 next year! what sections are you in because i haven't scheduled yet!

frn 320 section 001
frn 340 section 001

sweet! i'll see if they fit in my schedule, and even if they don't, we'll have the same class so we should seriously think about studying together!

Nice. I thought I had a schedule, but I wasn't satisfied, so I had to change my mind again. Oh well.

are you taking any writing classes?

As my current desired schedule stands, yes. However, after I see another advisor (not in the WRAC department) next Friday, I might not be.

changing your major again, are we?

NO! *sigh* Yes. Probably.

Let's see if you can guess.

It's kind of a hard program to get into.
It has a required 1-year internship.
The job I'll get won't pay nearly enough money for the amount of work I'll do.
The department is in the building that is immediatly south of the river on Farm Lane.

guess who already doesn't have friday classes. :p

Really cool! I like it a lot. I know though! Those things never stay the same. I wish I could take the mythology course though. Thats no fair. Damn Madison to the depths of hell.

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