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bio lab = kristen's new favorite class?

i never mentioned that bio lab yesterday was actually halfway decent. we had this lab that involved sharing "bodily fluid" samples with each other and then tracing who the infection originated from. so i can now say i have exchanged "bodily fluids" with my lab partners ... as well as ericka and ashley from my lab section, haha. i did a shitload of pipetting and washing the samples ... over and over and over. it's like the second time i have done ANYTHING in lab (dan wanted to go the entire time without doing anything at all, and jeff and i just sorta let him...). the whole thing only took about an hour and a half. then dan wanted to go to the review session for biology lecture, so he left. jeff and i remained to make plates to run the ames test on, since all of our previous ones were ruined. we ended up staying until about 6:30pm and managed to get 102 plates! AND I POURED 24 OF THOSE SUCKERS. hahahaha i am so proud of myself. it's lookin' like i might actually manage a 3.5 in lab!!! WOOOOOT!

i'm on break at the library. as usual, it's quiet here. and boring. although i did see kelsi kranz on my way in and she actually said hello. i have to meet with my biology presentation group tonight at the business library. we got WAY ahead on our paper ... then it turns out, the file was corrupt and we lost all 1.5 pages. i am pissed. because now i have to make up lost time on this project, help with a journalism project, AND STILL TRY TO PASS BIOLOGY.

*pulls hair out*

how many hours should i work during finals week? how does 25 sound? it sounds pretty shitty to me, but as soon as my paycheck hits this friday, i'm making the down payment on my car. which will leave me with exactly $13.31 to my name (well, $213.31 to be precise ... but my checking account has a minimum $200 balance). rats.

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