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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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who wants to say "fuck it" and go to italy with me?!
dinosaur roar

okay, so i'm not really dirty as my mood icon indicates. in fact, i just took a shower last night, but i thought this little star with dirt on him was just too cute.

anyway. i really wish i wasn't buying a car this summer ... because otherwise, i would SO go to italy.

goddamnit. i wish i had more money.

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that's the study abroad that kelly, emily, and i are planning on doing next summer! it should be an awesome time- i can't wait!
<3 rachel

haha, that's funny we all have our eyes on the same trip. i wanted to be in ITL 101 this fall, but it's 5 days a week at 10:20 so it definitely didn't fit my schedule. i entertained the idea that i could afford to do this trip THIS summer (like leave in a month!) for about three minutes.

yeah, em and i are taking itl 101 in the fall... it's at 10:20 in brody- pretty awesome since we're living in butterfield! it's too bad that none of us have ANY money! haha, i guess that's how it goes as a struggling college student.

If I wasn't poor and had to work most of the summer, I would hop a plane with you. However, my checking account is quite small, and so this trip is not feasable for me.

if i wasn't poor I'd be at msu. *cries*

if only all of us were rich!

The icon reminds me of Pigpen from the Peanuts cartoons. I am doing study abroad in Italy my Junior year... you're welcome to tag along!

if you go spring semester, i am so there!

I'm not rich. I'm just in debt.

hey, i'm poor. and here i am.

Here's to the poor MSU students! Now if only I had some champagne...

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