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sorry i'm not home right now.

you know, sometimes life is just really fucked up. one thing goes right, another goes wrong, and so on. i've had it up to here with the three b's: biology, boys, and bullshit. i'm ready for summer and at the same time i never want to leave.

i called hartland mcdonald's today in order to get put back on the schedule starting may 9th. my only saving grace will be if scott still works there. and shit, i probably won't even see him if i'm working days because he's still in school. ooo, and i want to see ashley r and ashley p! they're the coolest. i just realized i know the last name of anyone at mcdonald's because that is how we are on the schedule. kristen b. well, i know kevin krause and nick whiting and that's it. and kevin doesn't even work there anymore. hell, i haven't been there since february .. for all i know i could no longer know ANYONE. i hate having to work for money. but at least i'll be back in east lansing as of june. with a car. i'll be nineteen and pretty much living/working on my own. damn straight.

i'm pretty proud of myself. and pretty pissed at myself, too. last night i received the exact same talk from both matt and joe. and the fact that two extremely different people could pinpoint the exact same thing kind of scared me. matt kind of beat around the bush, but as joe so eloquently put, "[i am] being a moron." and i am, i really am! sometimes i don't know why i do the things that i do.

i four-pointed the theatre makeup exam that i FINALLY got back today. i had to take a makeup because i missed the exam while i was home really sick about a month ago (and the makeup was all essay questions). i fucking rock.

[edit: okay, i take back the rocking comment because i still don't know who hulk hogan is.]

Stronzo47: i'm mad at you
pOpTaRT fAErie: really???
pOpTaRT fAErie: what did i do
Stronzo47: i hear you invited yourself to my birthday party
pOpTaRT fAErie: LOL
pOpTaRT fAErie: while you were drunk
pOpTaRT fAErie: brian invited me, too
Stronzo47: brian can't invite you
Stronzo47: its my birthday
pOpTaRT fAErie: fine, i didn't want to go anyway
Stronzo47: good
pOpTaRT fAErie: see if i care
Stronzo47: the requirement for the party is you have to know who hulk hogan is.
Stronzo47: sorry.

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