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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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piercing place on campus = bad news
dinosaur roar

so i'm trying to go through my desk and throw stuff out in preparation for leaving in two weeks....and i found all the receipts i've kept throughout the year.

september through february i spent $212 at splash of color.


"heaven's not a place that you go when you die; it's that moment in life when you actually feel alive." - the spill canvas

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You know, I think I spent about that much. I know that's hard to believe, but my tattoo was like $100, my tragus was $40-ish, and my industrial (now non-existant) was like $70.

You've got to have a hobby. I think I've spent at least that on Audrey Hepburn stuff this year.

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