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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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why does everything i do confound you?
dinosaur roar

so i arrived here at the main library for work as usual ... i was down on the first floor and emily and i passed each other. we both smiled, waved, and said hello. i guess i just wanted to point out that a year ago, this interaction would not have occurred.

also, these fantastic pictures of kelly and me would not be in existence [click for full-sized images].

the final mexican party was last night. it was a lot of fun. tons of us showed up .... sarah, katie, katie, jack, jess, nathaniel, steph, cameron, eric, me ... good times. eric wrote everyone letters and stuffed them in empty corona bottles. it was a very nice gesture, and my letter made me laugh out loud. i will type mine up here once i get it back from katie (i walked cameron home and forgot my letter-in-a-bottle at the party).

turfgrass bbq @ 5:30pm! then matt and sam are coming over to help jessie and me take down our loft. woot.

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haha, those last few pics are very Freudian, to say the least. ;-)

i'm so sad,
i got the message that it was thursday, not wednesday.
next year?

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